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MORE courage, LESS hesitation,
MORE acceptance, LESS alienation
MORE outreach, LESS restriction,
MORE unity, LESS segregation;
MORE assurance, LESS frustration,
MORE action, LESS procrastination;
MORE hope, LESS disorientation,
MORE peace, LESS desperation;
MORE love prescription 2heal
The Human Nation.

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“Get It Right” Life

sail-wind   September!  The month when God said, “HELLO WORLD…HERE SHE COMES!” Life is limited. That is reality. Creation is perpetual. However, creation is a choice. And realizing that another year has come and gone, my perspectives about life continue to evolve & expand in terms of “what-” possibility. And the philosopher Heraclitus said, “The Only Thing Constant is Change.”

The world is so full of images both real and imagined. After celebrating at least 3 generations on this planet, the way I tend to view reality versus my imagery of what my life is like, and what I’d imagine it could be like. For that to ever take place would mean I’d have to live longer than #Methuselah to “get life right.” But if I took a pragmatic view (no shade of gray areas-so to speak), “getting life right” means that I need to always remind myself that the world does not revolve around this daughter/wife/mother/grandmother/writer & business woman, and other roles over the past three scores of my life.

 Every day we all have a 24 hour segment in which to do our business & our bidding. We cannot turn back the clock. Once our glass of whatever we fill life with is empty, that glass needs to be replenished. Now, ask yourself this question: What are you doing with your 24 hours to replenish your life to be even better than before? God gives us all equal time. The challenge is, are we continuing in the same old patterns of thinking that have us stuck in a past that we really don’t want to re-create from day to day? in terms of realizing another 365 day cycle, ask yourself this question:”As I live and breathe, what shall I CHOOSE to do with THE REST of my life’s cycle?”

Hint: Do you feel that you have unlimited potential, or have you been lulled into the lies of those who would delight in doing nothing more than limiting your potential that was placed within your spirit by an unlimited Creator from One Universal seen & unseen creation?


As we grow older, things ARE going to change!
We have no choice when it comes to the Creator’s selection of the date, place, time & circumstance when our physical existence ceases to be. Yet still, we all have the ability to create greatness with every single task, we do, and we every single idea that is revealed to us in our spirits and dreams. Day by day, no matter how insignificant we feel when we are stuck in traffic on the way to a thankless job that doesn’t even pay the bills anymore, and no matter how unappreciated people may be for the things we go out of our way to do, always, ALWAYS remember this one undisputed fact: When people you help choose to remain silent, and never acknowledge you publicly, it doesn’t mean that they are not grateful for the impact that even your smallest favors have had in their lives.

If you keep doing and saying things that uplift people for doing right, and you continue doing the best that you can, God’s favor will be revealed not only to the people who do not openly appreciate you, but will extend around the world to people who don’t even know you personally, because someone else shared your story about who you are, and what you did or said that made their day.Point: If a person chooses NOT to acknowledge your significance in their lives, trust me, if you weren’t in their life, they’d notice it. Seeds planted tend to come up sometime whether they are blowing in the unsettling winds of life, or stuck to the bottom of an oppressor’s shoe. If there is soil, or even a crack in a street pavement…the seed will reveal itself if allowed to grow in the light of truth. Everything you and I do will make a difference in the lives of people we don’t even know, or may never even meet.

So, as I celebrate my birth in the month of September — hey there Virgo children– I’ve learned in trial and error to never look at anyone as someone to take advantage of in my own quest for success, but to view people as human being capable of greatness. You can learn a LOT from people, just by being quiet and watching how they react to their own life situations. Even the most sinister hearts may try to hide a lie, but eventually, the lips will speak confirmation of the truth that stays on fire, even in the deepest depths of one’s soul.choose-the-right-map-for-your-life-28-638

Over the years I’ve learned to never mask my weakness. Day by day I just ask #YHWH to help me to connect with people who are strong where I am weak, and for my strength to be used to serve them where they are weak. I’ve learned to surround myself with people of high caliber, not necessarily high income levels. Because when it comes to money and resources, those things are temporary.


Friendship. Honesty. Loyalty. Integrity. Faithfulness. These are examples of qualities can never be purchased with money. And if people are not careful, those with money will have a lot of enemies if they do not show people respect. When it comes to “earning” respect, I’ve learned to never hide my true persona behind a profile of what the outer world sees, but always reveal my true persona by what exists in the fullness of my inner spirit. And the best way to do that is to know the Holy Spirit, because evil spirits seeks to kill, steal, lie, and destroy the good that can be cultivated in people.
So let’s listen closely to others. One day, we may see others actions screaming louder than their intentions.Grace, Peace & Honor to YHWH for gracing our time together through this post.

Create Greatness.

Reed Profile Mansion 2work-life-puzzle

©2016 Cynth’ya Lewis Reed
All Rights Reserved.


pray for orl

The following question is addressed to those of us who still have a soul.

“Will bad news EVER leave us alone?”

When we hear of tragedies in the news,  especially in the midst of political mayhem, ever wonder why bad news seems to be “someone else’s fault?”

Without focusing too deeply on sad subjects that may best be dealt with inwardly, I tend to ask myself another question: “Why do people ignore the fact that hate does not discriminate?”

The sad thing is that there really are NO SAFE PLACES for people to go in this entire world. For someone, ANY one, to believe that tragedy  cannot occur in their happy little neck of the woods is a false notion.  But then again, if the most important place on the planet is the six inches between our two ears, and if the most observant part of our hearts enters thru the two eyes that are supposedly windows to our souls, then why do we are humans keep making the same stupid errors time after time immemorial?

“That’s someone else’s problem.” Let’s run with that line of thinking in reference to Orlando June 12, 2016 shall we?

1. The friends of those who died? It’s their problem.

2. The wounds of the others that will never heal? That’s their problem.

3. The ones who heard the chaos and screaming, the rescue workers, the law enforcement, even those who didn’t stop to bat an eye because they were standing in a long line once a moment of silence was over at Disney World while watching their cell phones tweet news in a place where they think security and their “magic wristbands” can dissolve away reality in Fantasy Land because they were on vacation?

Can’t ruin a good vacation, right? Uh-uh. Let Orlando’s finest and SWAT deal with the problem.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are some things that a crime clean up can’t mop up.
Focus Joy
Like it or kick it to the curb, we all really need to realize that one thing remains true: Judgment will FIRST show up among God’s Kids who say they are in God’s House.

(Oh my God there Reed goes talking about GAWWWWWD again.)

But you know what’s really odd? Wondering why Everybody always says “OH MY GOD” when bad crap starts to occur.

Now for those of us who stand strong in our One Faith–that we should all consider from the ONE GOD whom most who claim to say we know by His LOVE for us all– He will take us as a nation thru some times that have already be predicted in God’s Word that so many choose to say is a “fairy tale.”

All I can say is to keep speaking the TRUTH in LOVE. Salvation is a decision, and involves nothing more than saying “not my will, not my hate, not my logic, not my opinion, but GOD’S WAY & GOD’S WILL because without Him, we’d have nothing but darkness all around.

This is NOT a political season where anyone needs to stay home and play brain-dead.

For those of us who have a sliver of Faith,  be wise and know that The SON will continue to shine thru those who accept His Grace & Mercy, no matter what name you give the Creator of the Universe.

Cynth’ya Lewis Reed


Don’t Look Now But…


People (present blogger included) are funny. Even when we say nothing, and our facial expressions tell more about our thoughts than words could ever express in any language.

So therefore I’d like to share my point of view each time I see what people do, or choose not to do. Doesn’t really matter how others reflect on these three thoughts: I’ll never look in a mirror and see an old white bald guy staring back at me. (If I ever do, then I’ll know #BigBrother has gone too far and break every mirror in the house.)

First Thought:
Unless something is is instantly gratifying, people don’t want to learn about it.

Even when what we have learned in the past is painful or unpleasant, because it’s so familiar to us, we’re often afraid of what it feels like to be truly free of a situation, person, place or thing. Why? Because we don’t know what it feels like to feel happy, to feel at ease, and to no longer feel we have to fight or defend ourselves.

Second Thought:
When some people are confronted with undeniable truths, they will avoid eye contact and/or will change or pretend not to understand the subject at hand.

Look at the current political candidates of any party in a congressional hearing. Human nature wants to gear up, get our own points across because of a thing called human pride. If we feel we cannot be right, then we don’t want to admit to being limited. But being limited doesn’t mean one is weak or worthless. Being limited just means we’ve never seen anything from a different point of view. And for many, that’s very scary, because it may mean that we grow outside of our own little protective hamster wheel.

Final Thought:
People who are called “leaders” are merely followers of their own hearts.

Everyone else just jumps in because the ones who follow their hearts create a strong attraction that others cannot ignore. They’ve counted the cost of their decision, believe in their abilities to adapt to come-what-may, and one step at a time, they pursue.

So don’t look now, but the clothing we all once wore as infant doesn’t fit us anymore.l And isn’t that just how this world we live in works? Changing, evolving, year after year. Generation after generation. Hopefully, we learn lessons of the past to make a better future.

If we choose to ignore the challenges, and turn away, acting as if nothing needs to change, we will quickly find ourselves in a place and time where we will wish we had paid attention more closely to the warning signals.

Two ears. Two eyes. One mouth. Let’s govern them all accordingly.

Create Greatness,
Cynth’ya Lewis Reed


many-different-roads-to-choose-from    Isn’t it mildly amusing when we get to a point in our lives where we tell ourselves, “Remember when?”

Often, my personal “remember when’s” are the voices of the people who I thought knew absolutely nothing about the REAL me, or what I thought was the real me.

Memory Lane Moments
Back in the day, the REAL me wanted things like popularity. REAL me wanted instant gratification. REAL me wanted to be heard by the world because nobody understood my point of view better than me myself & I.

And then…around age 19, Me Myself and I took a walk down “Maturity Road.”

There were so many sights and sounds along Maturity Road. And all along that road, there were signs.  Those signs were warnings in my head from people who were much older than myself who had “been there” and “done that.”

There were other signs too! They said:
Sometimes, smiling faces tell lies.
“The grass always looks greener on the other side but did you ask yourself who’s going to mow it?”

Then there were signs that said, “This too shall pass.”  This sign was by far the most difficult one to avoid.

Bottom Line:
We all have to navigate from earth birth to spiritual rebirth. If that were not the case, then why do we have so many emotions wrapped up in nearly every decision we make?

If making choices about life were really that easy, then there would probably be no war, no prejudice, no hunger, and no courts because people would all get along if everyone agreed with everyone else’s way of thinking, doing, and being.

So I guess the best way to deal with the road is this: If someone asks you for directions, and you don’t know which way to go…then both of you probably need to find someone who knows the way, who goes the way and who is very adept at navigating the way.

Now all we need to do while on this earth, is listen to the instructions, put one foot in front of the other, and walk in faith.

By they way, Hebrews 11:1, can’t get faith unless you are willing to hear the right instructions. May you find those directions in The Book that leads you peacefully home.

Create greatness, step by step.
Cynth’ya Lewis Reed©2016

Heart Conditions

How many times have you brow-beaten yourself with the following phrase:

“Gee, that was a dumb decision!”

Well, maybe what you thought was dumb… (let’s just say perhaps it was unwise) was only a matter of your heart.

Let’s examine one reason why we may be just be conditioned to think about certain things in certain ways that others may view as being not-so-wise.

The English word “WISE” is described in as:
having the power of discerning and judgingproperly as to what is true or right; possessingdiscernment, judgment, or discretion

i-heart-me-some-me-opening-imageSome people might appreciate what you do. Others may take what you do for granted. At times, it’s heartbreaking to see people act as if they really don’t care about you. But regardless of others’ level of expression of gratitude that really has nothing to do with YOUR next decision. Don’t based decisions on emotion. Based decisions on what is best for your future, not your comfort situation.
hurt heart
All of our decisions, no matter how minuscule, WILL change the direction of the next several years of our lives.
At first, it may not seem like it…but preparation is never appreciated by those who procrastinate until it’s too late…and our decisions are taken away.
So, what we all have to ask ourselves is this:
Whose Life Is It Anyway?

So let’s do what we all need to do to get strong. If someone or something in your life doesn’t support the greatness within you, maybe it’s time to consider changing your mind.

Still, no matter what your decision about a relationship in as many ways as that can be defined, please be sure making any choice is not derived from leftover hurts from the past.

So as I always say: Create Greatness
& do it with one “impact-full” choice at a time.
Blessin’s, Cynth’ya


Feelings-Locked-DownMay I be blunt?

How many times have you and I been honest with ourselves to describe what’s in our heart?  Hence, the following three examples:

When people DECIDE to go to college, do they know the outcome of every test they will take on DAY ONE? Yet, do they not STILL enroll and invest time in their post-high school education?
When a person DECIDES to marry, do they know the outcome of whether they will have that same spouse for a lifetime? Yet, do they not STILL MARRY?
When a person DECIDES to become (or just happens to become) a parent, either biologically or legally thru adoption/foster parenting, what guarantee do they have that their child won’t cause them massive emotional and spiritual regret from having make the decision to be responsible for guiding and directing another life?

This whole topic of “heart-stuck” could be assimilated in another way with the terms “bull-headed,” or “inflexible.” For those of us who are in the #AARP zone, we might even say “old-school.”

But before any of us dare even attempt coming up with our own response to revealing what’s in our heart, how about answering a question with another couple of questions. Then you and I can be the judge of our own “rules of thought.”

1. When getting to the HEART of any matter, even the matters we choose to avoid, how important is it that we confront our past prejudices about people, places, things & activities?

2. Once we choose to un-stick our hearts from any associated guilt from our past, what essential actions should we take that will prevent us from delaying decisions we should have made a long time ago, and which in turn, will become the catalyst to place us in an entirely brand new paradigm shift of body, soul, mind, spirit, and finances?

Here’s a hint:
When a person says in his or her heart that they BELIEVE something will be a good thing for them, and they put it off because they don’t have all of the answers, what is exactly that compels a man or woman or church or sports team or business owner to be excited about something to where the outcome is not promised, but at the same time, the OUTCOME can be totally in their control because of their COMMITMENT to THEIR DECISION?
So in essense, when people say, “Oh, I’ve thought of this or that,” or “Well that’s a pretty good program,” or “I’ve always wanted to know how to do thus and so…,” would it be fair to hypothesize the theorem that when someone puts things off that they have jostled around in the backs of their brains about doing, that someone else–who may not have all of the answers just like you–ends up getting all of the benefits because they grew tired of saying “what if” and simply said, “This is what I am going to DO!” ?

Strong hearts are made of something special. It’s called courage to break out of what one fears to something different, and to do it well, no matter how many mistakes they make.

So create greatness, one move at a time, and don’t expect to be perfect…because you won’t be. But at least you will have started what was in your heart.
Cynth’ya Lewis Reed

P.S. By the way…the opposite of courage is whatever is holding you back.  Deal with it.

Fail Statement
Above graphic note, Author Unknown.